High CO2 Carbonator

High CO2 Carbonator

The carbonator is to mix the syrup, water and carbon dioxide together. The equipment is made of degasser, sugar and water mixer, plate type heat exchanger, carbonized tank, pump and pipes. The degassed water is mixed with syrup at the certain ratio, and cooled to 0-2℃ through plate type heat exchanger, than fully contact with the carbon dioxide in the carbonized tank, realizing carbonation.

The pre-cooled and pre-carbonized liquid flows through the inlet valve into the pot, in which, there is carbonic acid gas as well. The liquid flows out the groove and turns into a liquid curtain for better cooling and good carbonic acid gas absorption. Finally, the treated beverage liquid, powered by the carbonic acid gas pressure, flows into the filling machine.

Quality materials are used for this machine. Especially polished and sanitary steel is used for parts directly contacting the liquid. The machine is designed for various beverage productions. Besides the two-step carbonization, high CO2 content and low production temperature ensures the volume ratio of CO2 and 1L water to be 3.0 to 3.5, or higher.


1.  Main function of this mixing machine is to mix syrup, water and CO2. Carbon-dioxide content is 2-4 times.

2.  it's designed with latest technology from Japan and used for the mixing of soda and other aerated beverage.

3.  The parts that contact the liquid are all made of fine low carbon stainless steel in accordance with the requirement of food sanitation.

4.  PLC technology is adopted to control the pressure and liquid level in the vat.

5.  An alarm will be given if there is anything abnormal and the machine will stop automatically.

6.  The machine has a compact structure.

7.  With stable performance and high efficiency, it's easy to operate. It’s a dependable piece of equipment in beverage production.

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