Juice Proccess System

Preprocess System

The former treatment system for juice including: hot-water system, melting sugar system, auxiliary material system, mixing system, CIP system, extracting system, all kinds of tanks, valves, pipe fittings, UHT system( pipe and plate) and mixing machine( automatic/ manual).

Hot-water system: supplying hot water for the processing of melting sugar, and the reduction process for juice/ auxiliary material/milk.

Melting sugar system: having the granulated sugar dissolved in the quantitative hot water and making it to be the predetermined concentrated syrup, then having it Insulation sterilized, filtrated, and cooled for reserving.

Auxiliary material system: supplying the reductive juice, stabilizer and so on.

Mixing system: according to the request of the process, putting the syrup, major ingredient and auxiliary material, juice and RO water orderly into the mixing tank. Making the process of stirring, homogeneous mixing and sampling inspection in the mixing tank. Standing the feed liquid and then preparing to convey to next work stage.

CIP system: this machine can realize the management for cleaning, according to the request of the process, it can clean in all ways: it can record the parameter of concentration and temperature, it is easy for the computer to analysis and print the parameter.

Extracting system: It adopts the unique construction of the extracting tank to realize the automatic slagging of the extracting equipment. Which improve the efficiency of extracting and safety of the operating worker. Especially fits to the extraction of tea. It is a reliable and high quality dedicated extracting equipments.

UHT system ( pipe / plate): it makes use of the theory that the microorganism’s sensibility to the temperature is much sensitive than most food ingredient. This machine can rapidly kill the microorganism in the food with minimum damage to the quality of the food and can keep the quality the food should include. So, UHT is widely used to sterilize for milk and beverage field.

Mixing machine( automatic/ manual): the machine in our company adopts reasonable processing design and it can stably and safely realize the compound for carbonated drinks and can improve the quality, stability of the beverage. It can also realize the automatic operation of the whole process and can get no bubbles products which combines with CO2 perfectly. It has a high cost performance.